Northshore Christian Academy

Celebrating NCA's 20th Anniversary!

Celebration Plans

20th Anniversary Happenings
This year is truly a celebratory year for NCA! Join us as we celebrate our special 20th year anniversary in a variety of ways:
  • Kick-off of 20th Anniversary —Took place at NCA's Orientation and first day of school for the 2015/2016 Academic Year!
    • Green silicone bracelets given to all parents and students with 'NCA 20th Anniv. / Navigating God's Way' on them.
  • Special Speakers—Scheduled for the first chapel of every month this year, focusing on our 20th Anniversary theme:
    • October 2015 – First NCA student to enroll his own students at NCA:  Tommie Rubatino
    • November 2015 – Veterans Day Chapel with former NCA Students speakers:  William Bergman (Navy); Nathan Brockmann (Army); Bryce Sellers (Air Force); Ben Inks (Army)
    • January 2016 – Former NCA Parent & Volunteer Rhonda Covert and son Jason Covert who was one of the first NCA students to attend from Kindergarten through 8th grade graduation (1995-2006)
  • Auction—20th Anniversary Art Gallery of NCA's historical buildings were available for viewing at the event
  • Walk-a-thon—Plans are currently being formulated for a our final hurrah!
  • Legacy Awards—Given at Chapel's to NCA staff who have 10+ years tenure
  • Navigator Notes—Articles published after each 20th Anniversary chapel
  • Visual Timeline—3D project was completed February, 2016 and installed near Academy Office
  • Grandparents—Special invitations are being extended to attend grade level presentations throughout the year
  • Video presentations—Original staff members and family members of NCA early days (see videos at right of this webpage)
Questions or comments about anything Anniversary related?
Please contact Lina Maragliano, Development Director at

Photos of NCA Progress and Growth

80th Street Temporary Building
(1995—37 Students)

Leased Warehouse Building

NCC/NCA Building A/B

NCC/NCA Building C/D

Middle School Pavilion
(finished September 2011)

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